About Me

Embrace Spiritual Growth With Christian Yoga in Austell

I am Kimberly Snell, your local Christian yoga teacher, author, and entrepreneur. Nestled in the heart of our community, I've had the privilege of conducting transformative yoga sessions at various local establishments, including the high school, Word of Faith Love Center, and a women’s shelter in East Point, GA.
I take pride in embracing and showcasing my Christian identity, despite occasional suggestions to omit it from my title. However, I firmly believe in encouraging fellow Christians not to shy away from their faith. It is an integral part of who I am, and I want to inspire others to embrace their beliefs without reservation.
My classes, books, and products are deeply rooted in my faith, serving as a vessel to share the boundless love and teachings of God. Through yoga sessions, inspirational literature, and faith-infused products, my mission is to guide individuals on a journey of personal growth and development in their relationship with Christ.
I have had the honor of being the featured yoga instructor at The Word of Faith Love Center Women’s Retreat and The Virtuous Women’s Retreat, experiences that have enriched my understanding of the transformative power of faith-based yoga.
I invite you to join me on this spiritual journey. Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating yoga class, insightful books, or products that reflect your faith, I am here to support and guide you. You can also connect with me directly at (678) 329-0966. Let's embark on a path of spiritual exploration and growth together!

Let's Connect and Grow Together

Your inquiries are important, and I'm here to provide swift and thoughtful responses. Let's start this conversation and embark on a journey of growth and connection. Looking forward to hearing from you!